The Journey

As a boy, I worked with livestock and wood in a Mennonite/Amish community set back a century in its methods and ideas. Meanwhile, my goal was to become a doctor and work with the human body at the biggest named hospital in the country.

Spoiler – June 2018 I began my residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

  • Currently a Resident Physician at a Top 3 Hospital in the US
  • From a Mennonite family of 11 kids in Lancaster, PA
  • Paved my unique trail through the homeschool –> online classes –> community college –> liberal arts college -> university –> grad school/medschool –> residency path
  • Cofounded Crossover, a nonprofit basketball mentorship program
  • Spent summers in rural tribal regions of Ghana, Africa assisting with indigenous development programs (and of course some bandaid/malaria clinics when called upon)
  • During this path I’ve held jobs as a/an:
    • EMT
    • Salesman of sheds, gazebos and swingsets
    • Horse trainer
    • Lab researcher
    • Emergency Department Technician
    • Deck & porch builder (construction)
    • Online Tutor
    • Teaching assistant

Working for and learning from the incredible companies, universities and programs in the above professions has given me a world view from many angles: the hood of a lab, the inside of a car that caused a fatal accident, the wooden scaffold overlooking a job of brutal grunt work and technical skill, the face of a student who finally ACE’d the BIG exam and can now move toward their dreams and of course a view of the dirt – as you hit the ground being thrown from the same horse over and over till you figure out how they tick.

I want to see more views. Become the best doctor I can. And interact with you who are pushing toward similar goals. So that in the end – we can be the most effective in our society’s health and social advancement.