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Have you ever noticed in med school that you spend time studying the things that don’t matter on the test, and then when you get there it’s like, Oh crap. I didn’t really study this, but all that stuff you spend all your time on it wasn’t even there. Worst feeling in the world. You got to fix it. I’ll tell you how.
Let me tell you a story. So hype tutor, a lot of people, and one of the guys I tutored, his name is Joe now, Joe was from a D O school in Florida, just like me, and he came to me because he was doing all the right stuff. He thought. He was smart. He had got great schools in a medical school, but here we are at the us MLE and he’s putting in a lot of time on a few topics and just not getting very far.

Well, we plugged in my study allocator for a meal for him and showed him that actually at USM, dot org they tell us exactly what’s on the test and what percent of the test is for each topic. Now we’ve plugged that in along with this time and a few other weighted variables through a formula that I’ve made through helping hundreds of medical students study for this test.
And you know what? We realized that his schedule was not on par with what was important for this test. If he was spending a ton of time on stuff that there was actually statistically a chance of him not even seeing on the test, or at least only one or two questions. Now. Let me tell you what, I will tell you the end story because we all know that studying for us, Emily is boring after studying for us, Emily’s what we care about.

Joe got a two 56 and guess where he is today? M U S C interventional radiology, one of the most competitive programs out there. And MUIC. I mean, come on guys. That’s Charleston. That’s a big nice M D program, top tier. He’s a happy lad. And a lot of this is because he reallocated his time to what’s important.
And that’s what I recommend for you. Study what we know is on the U S similarly, not what you think is hard, not what you think is there. Don’t keep wasting time on one or two topics. Actually stop. See everything that the exam says is going to be there. That’s what’s important. Do that. We can help you. I’m Caleb livey.
I’m a resident and I also teach us, Emily, I can help you study what’s important. Hop on my website and I’ve got to study allocator. I’ve got things to show you how I do it and we’ll hook you right up. I hope to see you there.


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