Get Rid of Study Distractions

The average student is only studying 30% of the time that they think they are!

Distractions take away 70% of the quality of study that we should be improving out grades. If you need a little edge on USMLE, or that next big med school test that you’re fixing to take, take away the distractions and boom, you’ve shot up to the top scores.

The solution to passing school is easy = Just stop getting distracted!

Now, here’s how I know that this is a real issue. I’ve been tutoring for quite a while, and when my students come to me and they need just that little push to get them over the edge… I attack the distractions dilemma and BOOM I’ve already given them a big edge in their score.

Let me tell you a story. So I was actually tutoring this gal named Anna. She was a second year med student in a school in Texas. I’m going to try to hide her identity but thankfully there’s a lot of schools in Texas. She was an above average student. Probably understood stuff better than I did when I was at her place. We looked over her schedule and realized that she was still studying 12 hours a day. There was no problem with that.

The scheduling problem was that she actually WASN’T studying 12 hours a day.
In fact. What we realized (after helping her log and track time)  was she was studying 4 hours a day, guys, 30% of 12 it’s easy. Anna was only getting 4 hours out of her 12 hour day. At first, she didn’t want to admit it. You know? She would tell me, “Hey, I tried my hardest. I can’t get through the number of questions that you needed me to get through”.
I dug a little deeper. I know med students, I know myself. It was just not being spent on the right thing and adding up. I knew she could do what I asked of her…

SO, what we did for her is we put a timer right up at the top of her screen.

This timer had control of her computer. For 55 minutes she would be studying THEN for 5 minutes it would lock her computer up and have a countdown. During those five minutes she was free to get up, stretch, do whatever she wanted on her phone. The timer rang. She was back at her desk. It did this for three times in a row. On the third time, the whole screen locked up for half an hour and counted down for half an hour. So during this half hour, she was able to go out, eat, do whatever she needed to do, and in this method, we kept her going for 12 hours a day.

Here is the link to the timer. 

This successful way of studying is called the Pomadora method. Read about it here.

Next, we decided to cut all opportunity for distractions out by installing a filter device on the computer.

This basically it takes away the ability to get on any website except for three different resources that she said she wanted to access. One happened to be Wikipedia, but it was whatever resource that she was going to go to to answer questions she needed to look up.
Other than that, there was nothing else accessible for her. These two tools changed her life.

Here is the best filter with a “white list” or “black list” option. Meaning you can block everything EXCEPT white list. Or have the entire web open except the “black list” of major distractions to you. And you pick the times it is on and off.

Guys, listen to this. We just need tiny little edges, right? You might be thinking you’re going to get a 230 on USMLE that’s what most people are going to get…..but to get into these big boy residency programs like the hospital that’s behind me and and these places that you all want to go, you’ve got to knock that score up!

So how to get to the top 10% or top 5%. Well, what if you just studied more than everyone else by that big margin! What if instead of 30% you were getting back that 70%? Instead of doing 4 hours, you were actually getting 12 hours a day of study. It’s the time that you invest. It’s what you invested in. That’ll actually give you that edge.
We’re all studying the same material. Just get back some more time in it. Punch that in, and your return on investment is the residency of your dreams. It can happen.

That was the story that I just told you, but I’ve had many more students just like it.

I can help you with that. I can help set you up with the right tools, with the right things. Go check us out!

But here’s an easy free lesson for today!
Get a timer, look up Pomodora method study and try it for a few days. Put a content blocker on there so that you stop looking at the websites that are the biggest distractions.

Either way. Invest the time now, get to the residency you want to go to, and that’s the key.

I have apps and tools that I help you organize, make your schedule, allocate your time to the most important things, and most of all, stop watching videos. Get back to work, school. Get that score, get that residency.

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