When you see multiple right answers, which one do you pick?

So the second most common question that I get is when you see multiple right answers, which one do you pick? Now, that’s funny, but unfortunately, it’s not because it’s true. It was a thing that I struggle with the most. I get up and I’d find my answer and I’d say, but that one’s also right, and that sucks, right? That’s when you start cursing out these writers. But let me tell you how to work around that. So no, this. You are right. There are multiple correct answer choices. Yes. But there’s one that’s more correct. So you’ve got to find out of the right answers, which one is the most correct, and here’s how you do it. There are three ways. Number one, everything in the vignette is important because there’s going to be something in there that creates the constellation picture that’s left out of the other ones. So while you may be going through all these like Gauchers and all these diseases of the lyposomal enzymes that all look the same, there’s gonna be one little thing in the vignette that the others don’t have.


Okay. So everything in the vignette is important. Sorry, you got to read the whole thing because there’s going to throw in one detail that the other ones don’t have. So that’s way number one. Yeah, they all looked right, but there was one little thing in the vignette that set it apart. What. Two, there’s an absolute test, so sometimes they throw out an absolute test, right? You get this picture of gout, this big fat guy drinking beer, and he’s got his toe on fire and you know, it’s gal, but then they cap that toe and outcome rom Boyd crystals, Ono gouts on there. And you know, this is gout, right? That’s the right answer. But an absolute test was put in there and all they care about is that you know, that that was an absolute test. So sure. Gout and pseudo gout, both like look like right answers, but you have to know that pseudo gout and Rob boy crystals, that’s an absolute test. It cannot be gout. So sometimes if you think there’s multiple right answers, look for the absolute test that just throws it away, even if they tried to shape the picture to look like something else. Okay. Three.

You can use epidemiology in BME. Loves it. All right, so when you’re looking at the answer choices, and there’s multiple, right. Jump back up to gender, race, socioeconomics, and where they showed up. It will always tell you those things. So, Oh, this, you know, black, five-year-old female came into the emergency department or came into a African clinic. Two very different patients use epidemiology and choose malaria for one. And the flu for another. Right? So when there’s multiple right answers, epidemiology really helps you. So your three things, again, everything in the vignette is important because there’ll be something in the constellation that looks different, or there’s an absolute test. Lastly, there’s still multiple right answers. Bank on epidemiology. It’ll always help you.

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