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I used to walk out of a test and say, “What I studied wasn't on the test.” & “He tested everything I DIDN’T study”. Hard Stop. If you’ve ever said that its time to fix that – as I did.

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1. The health care system is a disaster. As your man on the inside - I help navigate and optimize your encounters.

2. Health Hot Topics! Vaccines, CBD, Myths - Here’s the scientific low down. Straight up.


Entertaining and Educational – Inspiration or Educational… I’d love to talk to your group whether an interest group of 5 students, EMS class or national conference. Topics in the past include: Medical career advice, Emergency Medicine topics, Board prep and study, Starting up ministries and passion projects etc.Contact Me

I help you navigate the toughest career path to the highest potential position. We will set up meeting times. Price $150/hr.Contact Me

Comments insight and explanations for your next story from an Emergency Medicine PhysicianContact Me

After tutoring and speaking at medical schools and the largest medschool tutor company on Board Prep –  I created my online course and 3 web apps for the students going after the biggest USMLE and COMLEX scores.

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